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Ebenezer Equine

ebenezer: eb·e·ne·zer /eb-uh-nee-zer

a commemoration of divine assistance, from a Hebrew word meaning “stone of help”

equine: e·quine /ēˌkwīn

a horse or other member of the horse family

From personal growth, developing new skills to exploring relationships, the team is here to offer help on your journey toward healing and self-discovery through the partnership with horses.

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Everyone has a story...

What's in a Name?

Ebenezer Equine... The name was chosen because of the meaning "stone of help" as well as the Biblical reference. The reason this journey, team and project exists is because of spiritual connection and grace. By using the team's unique gifts to serve, we can support others in their low points, personal battles and the journey to "rise from the ashes" or the desire to pursue growth. 

While housing the team at a facility named "The Stepping Stone Ranch" and obtaining invaluable learning experiences through that stepping stone, our founder was doing a study that discussed battles and "raising an Ebenezer". The question posed, "Where does our help comes from?" 

After reflection on stepping stones and accepting the purpose of different circumstances and times/stages of life--and business, the word "Ebenezer" stuck. We know horses help us and see them help others.  

So here we are... Ebenezer Equine.

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